The beginning of a journey
to encounter an as-yet
undiscovered Kyoto

'Kyoto Chishin' encourages people to encounter as-yet
undiscovered aspects of the ancient capital through the works
of next generation craftspeople and artists taking on
new challenges while preserving traditions.
Why not begin a journey to encounter an as-yet undiscovered Kyoto?



Traditional arts and crafts that have been passed down
for more than 1200 years and various manufacturing and
culinary techniques that fuse tradition with a sense of
modernity— Experience the faces of Kyoto that you can
introduced on the MBS TV program Kyoto Chishin!

Experience technology and culture fusing 1,200 years of history with modern times
Discover the enjoyment of learning a craft or cooking under the instruction of an artisan at the forefront of their art
Services are available in English as wellas Japanese. Overseas visitors are welcome to participate!



Located at the northern extremity of Kyoto City,
Keihoku is an area that gained attention for the workshops
and studios that individualistic artists have been establishing
there one after another in an environment that retains
traditional Japanese scenery. Centered on satoyama rural
villages in the Keihoku area, we have prepared various
accommodation and stay plans unique to Kyoto Chishin.



“Kyoto Cuisine is a run of innovation”
It is the word of Mr. Yoshihiro Murata of “Kikunoi”.
We’ll keep you up to date on Kyoto’s deep
and fascinating food culture as it continues to evolve.