Taught by "Kojima shoten" Kyo · Jibari lantern craftsmanMaking original mini lanterns

Making original mini lanterns
Making original mini lanterns
Making original mini lanterns
Making original mini lanterns

MBS "KYOTO CHISHIN" (Kansai local)2016.07.24 OA#15

Kyo · Jibari lantern craftsman

Syun Kojima

Ryo Kojima


Contents of Experience

The lanterns of Kojima shoten have lit the city of Kyoto since the Edo period. Miniature sized lanterns are now produced using traditional materials and technology. The lantern is durable, warm, and with an LED light, "Chibi maru", is perfect for the interior of the room.

  1. Explanation


    Friendly craftsmen of Kojima shoten, Mr. Shun Kojima, and Mr. Ryo Kojima will be teaching the process of making the 'Chibi maru'. First, they will explain the history and uniqueness of "Kyo · Jibari lantern" in an easy-to-understand manner.

  2. Select washi

    Select washi

    After listening to the explanation, now it's time to make the Chibi Maru lantern. The first step is to select 4 sets of two washi. The washi will be pasted onto the surface of the lantern. The colors can be the same on all 4 sides.

  3. Paste washi

    Paste washi

    Set the Chibi maru framework made of bamboo on the table. Then, put the glue on one side of the bamboo and paste two pieces of washi and damp it with the mist. Once you have pasted the bottom level, continue with the other sides.

  4. Drying


    Once the washi is pasted on 4 sides, it is time to start the drying process. While using the dryer, it is astonishing to see the design and texture of the washi slowly coming out! While you are drying, you can remove the mold and start drying from the inside.

  5. Adjust


    Once the drying process is over, you are almost done. Cut the washi that protrudes from the top and bottom with scissors and apply glue to the edge and fold inward. Once it is completely dry, it finally looks like a lantern.

  6. Light up

    Light up

    Now that the Chibi Lantern is complete, it is finally time to light it up! When you cover the LED light that imitates a candle fire with the lantern, it is a completion of a new yet nostalgic lighting!

Name of the activity
Making original Chibi maru (round-small) lanterns
4,000円 yen (tax included)〜 
*Plsease note that the prices listed in this article were when we made the interview. (They might be subject to change. )
Time required
Maximum 90minutes
Number of admissions
1~20 people
What to bring
Nothing in particular
English service available


605-0971 Kyoto City, Imagumanonagino-moricho 11-24
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Okonomiyaki Yoshino

Mr. Shun Kojima and Mr. Ryo Kojima's favorite place is...?

Okonomiyaki Yoshino

It is an Okonomiyaki shop located near Kojima shouten. It is a hidden shop in the back of the alley, and the lady is very welcoming. All menus are recommended, but hormone teppanyaki such as hoso yaki is strongly recommended. My family loves this place!

Okonomiyaki Yoshino075-551-2026
Kyoto City, Higashiyama-ku, Yamatooji Dori, Shionokoji Sagaru, Kamiikeda Cho 546

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