Fan painting experience in the old shop of "Hakuchiku-do"

Kyoto fan painting experience
Kyoto fan painting experience
Kyoto fan painting experience
Kyoto fan painting experience

MBS "KYOTO CHISHIN" (Kansai local) 2017.03.19 #46

10th generation "Hakuchiku-do"

Komazo Yamaoka


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Where we'll be

Hakuchiku-do Kyoto Honten

Hakuchiku-do Kyoto Honten

Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Fuyacho Dori, Rokkaku Agaru, Shirakabe-cho, 448

The manufacturing process of "Kyoto fans" carries a 1200-year-long tradition, concentrated in Kyoto and Shiga areas. In the long-established "Hakuchiku-do", which celebrates its 300th anniversary, you will find fans with lace or rhinestones - a perfect match for dresses, or unique fans, made in collaboration with manga artists, etc. Let's enjoy an early summer trip to Kyoto with one of those refined Kyoto fans, born from traditional techniques and innovative ideas.

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Contents of Experience

The painting experience consists in freely painting the paper fans that are being provided. The finished fans will be delivered to you about one month after the experience. It is nice to see and use the skills of fan craftsmen. Why don't you try express the memories of your trip onto your fan?

  1. Knowing how to make a fan

    Knowing how to make a fan

    At the beginning you will be taught the entire process of finishing a fan: how to make the paper base, fold it, insert the sticks ... and so on, with a total of 88 steps! After that you will experience drawing images or letters on the fan, and adding colors.

  2. Draft with pencil

    Draft with pencil

    At first let's make a draft with a pencil. If you have trouble writing, don't worry, you will be shown a sample from the craftsman's drawings. As several centimeters around your draft will be cut off when finished, please be careful not to write too much on the outside.

  3. Coloring with paint

    Coloring with paint

    Next, you will add color to the draft. The trick is to add more water and make the colored surface smooth. With too much paint or creases the finished fan may not look so beautiful. You can mix the colors freely, to create any color you like.

  4. Completion


    Everyone's individual work is finished! All fans are handed to the craftsmen, who will make the shape of a fan, so the real completion is a month away. You will be very excited while waiting for it to arrive at your door. It's going to be so much fun to use it during the hot season!

  5. A different experience

    A different experience

    At "Hakuchiku-do", you can also experience the traditional Kyoto game "Tosenkyo" (Fan-Tossing game). It was originally spread among the common people during the Edo period, but nowadays it is often seen in Geisha's tatami room games. 2 to 4 people can play for about 60 minutes.

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More Information.

Name of the activity
Kyoto fan painting experience
2,500 yen (tax included)~
Time required
60 minutes
Number of admissions
1 person ~
*Consultation required for groups
What to bring
No requirements
Available for children

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A word from Mr. Yamaoka, 10th generation "Hakuchiku-do"

  1. Mr. Yamaoka

    The reason why I started this fan painting experience is because I did not just want to sell "things", but concepts. I also wanted people who are not familiar with the fan to learn about them. You can use words, pictures, or anything you like, so please have fun drawing and finishing your own fan.

Yamaoka Komazo

Where is Yamaoka Komazo's favorite place...?

Inoda Coffee Honten

My favorite is "Inoda Coffee Honten". The old-fashioned atmosphere is truly wonderful and I often go to eat breakfast on holiday mornings. Besides their coffee, we also recommend their French toast with plenty of sugar! As it is just five minutes on foot from the "Hakuchiku-do" main store, give it a try when returning from your experience.

Inoda Coffee Honten

Inoda Coffee Honten075-221-0507
Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Sakaimachi Dori, Sanjo Kudaru, Doyu-cho 140

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