Organized by Hanayui-shi (a Flower-Artist) TakayaHanayui(flower head dress)Photo Plan

Hanayui Photo Plan
Hanayui Photo Plan
Hanayui Photo Plan
Hanayui Photo Plan

MBS "KYOTO CHISHIN" (Kansai local)2018.08.12 OA#114




Contents of Experience

Would you like to model with artworks by Takaya, who has a worldwide reputation as Hanayui-shi (a flower-artist) ? Let him know your favorite flowers or colors and leave it to Takaya's own unique artistic sensibility to deliver your request. Only here in Kyoto, you will get to experience to be part of Takaya's unique haute couture art.

  1. Prepare and wait for the actual day

    Prepare and wait for the actual day

    If the photoshoot with Takaya's artworks is confirmed, please send a photo of your face to Takaya. In order to produce a shoot that is close to your wishes, you can ask for any specific flowers and color schemes. On the actual day itself, the makeup is to be done by the customers themselves prior to the arrival at the atelier. The dress code is up to the customers, but having a tube top worn during the photography allows for the best presentation of the art piece.

  2. Heading to the atelier on the actual day

    Heading to the atelier on the actual day

    In the atelier, the flowers prepared for the day are presented. They are chosen by Takaya himself, based on seasonal considerations, the model`s preferences and the impression that the photo would give. The most striking flowers include hydrangeas, dahlias and tulips, that are chosen for their vibrant colors.

  3. Work begins

    Work begins

    Takaya`s work begins. In recent years, Takaya's activities as a flower-artist centers around wedding ceremonies and flower arrangements for models requested by themselves. It was only in recent years that Takaya has started his activities as a flower-artist in the scope of the involvement of the public.

  4. The finishing arrangement

    The finishing arrangement

    Takaya's flower arrangements combine a love for flowers and the respect for human beings. On the day, a special art is born between Takaya and the model, with a flower arrangement that appreciates and treasures the colors of the flowers.

  5. Photoshoot of the arrangement

    Photoshoot of the arrangement

    After the flower arrangement is done, Takaya would do a photoshoot of the model and the arrangement to complete the artpiece. The photoshoot is an opportunity to discover a new expression of oneself that is brought out by the flower arrangement by Takaya. The photo taken could serve to be a lifelong treasure for one. You will be able to receive the photo data on a later date.

Name of the activity
Hanayui (flower arrangement) Photo Plan
200,000 yen (+ 50,000 yen when asking for makeup at the atelier)(tax included)
Time required
Approximately 2 hours
Number of admissions
More than one participant is negotiable
What to bring
Face photograph (Including those taken with clothes you want to wear on the day), Hat (Since hair setting is not going to be done, please remove the flowers after the shoot).
English service available. Requirement for model is those whose hair is longer than 3cm.


605-0063 Kyoto city, Higashiyama-ku, Matsubara-cho 294
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Takaya's favorite place is...?


I like places with antique gardens. Among my favorites is the Kōtōin, located at the temple site of Daitokuji, which I have found to be drawn to ever since my first visit at the age of 15. As you walk along the entrance path surrounded by the greenery, you can see a beautiful moss gate. When I am entering the place, I feel just as excited as if I was entering a theme park.


Kyoto City, Kita-ku, Murasakino Daitokuji-cho, 73-1
※Currently closed for renovation till April 2019

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