taught by the Kadou master "Mishoryu Sasaoka"One-Day Kadou (Flower Arrangement) Experience

One-Day Kadou Experience
One-Day Kadou Experience
One-Day Kadou Experience
One-Day Kadou Experience

MBS "KYOTO CHISHIN" (Kansai local)2016.07.17 #14

Inside the main branch of the Kadou "Mishoryu Sasaoka"

Ryuho Sasaoka


※Japanese version only

Where we'll be

Mishoryu Sasaoka

Inside the main branch of the Kadou "Mishoryu Sasaoka"

Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Tanaka Satonomaecho 87, Misho Kaikan

In the Taisho Era, the Kadou school of "Mishoryu Sasaoka" was opened in Kyoto. Its greatest features would be the flower arrangement and the precise measurements, taken to make the compositions look beautiful. Enjoy the transition of time while inspecting every flower characteristic. Would you like to come and be in touch with such a refined Japanese culture?

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Contents of Experience

"Ikebana seems difficult to do..." Beginners do not need to worry. In this Moribana Experience, the height, position, and angle of seasonal flowers are determined by a measurement table, and the composition is then made by following this method. Under the experienced guidance of our instructors, you will spend an enriching time here. Along with your completed flower composition, you will also be given a Mishoryu Sasaoka postcard as a souvenir.

  1. Learning about Ikebana

    Learning about Ikebana

    This time, our Ikebana teacher was Nakatani-san: the Mishoryu Sasaoka Kyoto Branch Chief. There is by the way a special course taught by Sasaoka Ryuho-san, the master of the Mishoryu Sasaoka as well. In any case, we worked on the flower composition only after going through a lecture on the history of ikebana and the arrangement methods: in Sasaoka style Moribana, we would be making 2 triangles, called "Tai" and "You", symbolizing Heaven and Earth.

  2. Arranging the

    Arranging the "Tai"

    Firstly, we would be arranging the flowers that go on the top, known as the "Tai". Following the measurement table, we make them 55cm long. To fully represent the flowers blooming process in the composition, the lower part has to be the one with flowers already in bloom, while the upper part (the "Tai") has to be arranged with buds.

  3. Arranging the

    Arranging the "Taizoe"

    On the top of the "Tai", which we have composed before, the remaining flowers are arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle. We cut the flowers 40cm long and we place them on the Kenzan (needle point holder) at a small angle. Though this is a little difficult to do, no worries, as the instructors will be there to gently guide and teach you.

  4. Arranging the

    Arranging the "You"

    Next, we will be arranging the "You" which has a greater angle, if compared to the "Taizoe". The trick here is to firmly insert the flower stalk into the Kenzan. There are situations in which the flower stalk opens up due to repeated attempts at arranging them... In such a situation, using the Soe and Kenzan would help strengthen the flower.

  5. Arranging the

    Arranging the "Youzoe"

    Between the "Tai" and "Taizoe", and between the "Taizoe" and "You" we would be arranging the "Youzoe". We would be using opened flowers for this. Do not forget to check the flower direction as they have to be facing up.

  6. Completion


    If the Kenzan is visible in some spots, arrange the unused flowers and leaves to bring out a more natural beauty. When viewing the composition from the front, make sure that the flowers and branches do not cross each other, just by making their heights uneven! Adjust everything while checking the general balance and... your artwork is done.

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More Information.

Name of the activity
One Day Kadou Flower Arrangement Experience
1 person 10,800 yen (including tax and materials used for flower arrangement )
Time required
60 minutes
Number of admissions
1 person ~ (for over 5 people, it is possible to agree on a time other than the ones listed below)
Monday (1:00 pm~3:00 pm、5:00 pm~8:00 pm), Wednesday (10:00 am~5:00 pm), Thursday (10:00 am~8:00 pm), Saturday (1:00 pm~4:00 pm)
What to bring
Available for children, Not available (Translation needed)
Head Office ・Studio
〒616-8376 Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Sagatenryuji Setogawacho 10-3 Arashiyama Shoryuennai Shop
〒616-8385 Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Sagatenryuji Mon-mae

※Special course taught by Sasaoka Ryuho-san, the master of the Mishoryu Sasaoka, is also available (confirmation required)

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Message from Mr. Sasaoka

  1. Mr. Sasaoka

    You will receive your composition. It will need maintenance even after its completion, so please do it while listening with your heart to the voices of flowers. In the next 3 years, in all municipal Elementary and Junior-high schools of Kyoto, students will have to start learning Sadou (Japanese tea ceremony) and from middle school, Kadou (Flower arrangement), as part of their mandatory education.
    The possibility to be in touch with such a traditional culture from a younger age is great. I would like to convey to children the unique perspective that Japan has about nature, where humans are seen as a part of it.
    Under the full cooperation of Sasaoka Ryuho, the master of the Mishoryu Sasaoka, the collaborated planning, and high definition Ikebana artwork film production 【8K HANABI】 by MBS and Dai Nippon Printing has been awarded with the US・Lumiere Award.

Sasaoka Ryuho-san

Where is Sasaoka Ryuho-san's favorite place...?

La Part Dieu
Tanaka Shrine

When I feel like enjoying casual french dining, I'd come and get to taste beautiful looking dishes at "La Part Dieu", where only locally produced vegetables and meat are served. You will be charmed by its gentle-tasting fine dishes. The "Tanaka Shrine" nearby is also a place where you can relax. It is a unusual shrine, for it has a peacock living there.

>La Part Dieu/Tanaka Shrine
La Part Dieu075-711-7643
Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Tanaka Satonomaecho 59
Tanaka Shrine075-781-9274
Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Tanaka Hinokuchicho 1
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