taught by artisans from「Kyoto Denim」Denim Kyo-Yuzen-Zome Experience

Denim Kyo-Yuzen-Zome Experience
Denim Kyo-Yuzen-Zome Experience
Denim Kyo-Yuzen-Zome Experience
Denim Kyo-Yuzen-Zome Experience

MBS "KYOTO CHISHIN" (Kansai local)2016.06.26 #11


Toyoaki Kuwayama


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Where we'll be

Kyoto Denim Company Store

Kyoto Denim Company Store

79-3 Koinaricho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

Kyoto Denim is a brand that was established with the intention of "wanting to protect and help pass on the skills of Kimono artisans" by the representative and designer, Kuwayama-san. On soft, comfortable and good quality denim, we apply dyeing techniques such as Kyo-Yuzen-Zome which is used on kimonos. Would you like to hold such delicate yet bold denim goods which allow you to feel close to many of the advanced skills of the artisans?

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Contents of Experience

A Yuzen-Zome experience which uses dye picked up using a brush to dye denim material which is essential in the present-day. You can choose from the following 2 types:
Yatsuhashi (a local delicacy in Kyoto) holder」「Omamori (Japanese lucky charm) holder」. The material's pattern is discharged of color in advance using a technique known as 「Basen (discharge printing)」, therefore even for those who are clumsy, you do not have to worry as you just have to add colors on to it. Feel free to come and experience the traditional dyeing techniques.

  1. Choose what to dye

    Choose what to dye

    First choose the one you would like to dye from the following two types -「Yatsuhashi holder」「Omamori holder」. Accessories and lip cream go into the accessory case nicely. This time round, we will be trying to dye a Yatsuhashi holder.

  2. Learn how to color

    Learn how to color

    Before applying the color, the artisans will teach you the method of applying and give you some tips on how to do it. By putting water on the patterned areas which have been discharged of color in the beginning, the colours are easier to be applied. With someone actually showing you how it's done, it is very easy to understand.

  3. coloring


    Taking the dye with the brush, we are actually going to apply the dye. There are 5 colors (Rose, Yamabuki (The Japanese kerria), Blue, Purple, Green) of dyes that are prepared. Which one to use...the time spent choosing the color to be used is also fun! Carefully go through the coloring process using the thinner brush on detailed areas and using a thicker brush on the bigger patterns.

  4. Overlap and gradation

    Overlap and gradation

    "If you overlap the colors, there will be more depth to it," says the artisan Kuwayama-san. Dry and overlap ... repeat the process and you will slowly get a more vivid color. If you use water to blur out the dye placed on the material, you can make a beautiful gradation.

  5. Finish


    With the deep blue color of the denim, the white of the Basen portion, and the three colors of the beautiful vivid flowers, the Yatsuhashi holder is complete. The compact size of the holder allowing you to easily put it in your bag is also a plus! Just by thinking of what to put in it will make you excited ♪

  6. The workshop・ atelier

    The workshop・ atelier

    On the opposite side of the road, lies the workshop・ atelier of Kuwayama-san. From chairs and tapestrie to wallpaper, etc., he also challenges himself to make interiors using denim. With such a fashionable interior, the room will instantly look gorgeous.

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More Information.

Name of the activity
Kyoto Denim Kyo-Yuzen-Zome Experience
5,400円 (tax included)
*Plsease note that the prices listed in this article were when we made the interview. (They might be subject to change. )
Time required
30~45 minutes
Number of admissions
2~5 person
What to bring
Available for children (elementary school and above), Available in English

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Toyoaki Kuwayama-san

Where is Toyoaki Kuwayama-san's favorite place...?


I often go to「Marufuku」which is about a 5 minute walk from my store. The store sells delicious handmade udon, soba, and a tempura rice bowl, and is a long established store that has been operating since the early Showa era. I always order the Nishin soba (Herring Soba) there. The noodles that go down smoothly, the fragrant broth and the bittersweet herring go well together.

530-5 Shiokoujicho, Higashinotoindori Shichijyo Sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
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