Kyo Zogan Making Experience
taught by Kyo Zogan Craftsmen of "Nakajima Zogan"

Kyo Zogan Making Experience
Kyo Zogan Making Experience
Kyo Zogan Making Experience
Kyo Zogan Making Experience

MBS "KYOTO CHISHIN" (Kansai local)2016.11.13 #29

Kyo Zogan Craftsmen

Ryuji Nakajima


Contents of Experience

"Kyo Zogan" is a traditional handicraft in which a pattern is expressed by putting a beautiful gold and silver pattern onto a metal base which is then baked in lacquer. At Nakajima Zogan, we spread the practice of Zogan crafting which has a history of 1200 years. As we want people to feel close to this form of art, we are inviting people to join this Kyo Zogan Workshop. Why not come to feel the traditional craft with your own skin and try making your own favorite accessories?

  1. Let's learn the basics of Zogan crafting

    Let's learn the basics of Zogan crafting

    The experience starts with learning the basics of Kyo Zogan crafting. What is Kyo Zogan? How do you do it? The craftsman will show you how to make Zogan while answering your basic questions.

  2. Selecting the mold of your craftwork

    Selecting the mold of your craftwork

    During the workshop itself, you can create cell phone straps or a pendant. At Nakajima Zogan, we also make "Nunome Zogan", which is a type that involves making a mold (texture) that is carved with fine lengths and widths of gaps which even the naked eye cannot see.

  3. Choosing the design

    Choosing the design

    Once you have chosen the mold, let's think of the design. Using pure gold or pure silver to make the design, think about what kind of patterns you would like to draw. Combining circles to make grape-like shapes, making a butterfly as a main component ... you can see a person's individuality from the artworks.

  4. Starting the Nyukan Process

    Starting the Nyukan Process

    Now, we will start the process of "Nyukan" by hammering in the pattern into the mold (texture). Put in the patterns one by one, using a stick and a small hammer to hammer them into place. Since it is a fine process with no sketching, it requires everyone to be in concentration mode.

  5. Getting the Nyukan done

    Getting the Nyukan done

    To check whether the patterns are hammered in properly, a loupe is used to check the completion of your craft. Once you get the hang of the hammering process, you might be able to enjoy the hammering sound of the hammer.

  6. Leave the rest to the craftsman

    Leave the rest to the craftsman

    The experience ends with the Nyukan process. Leave the rest to the craftsman, who will handle the detailed processes; such as the corroding process, getting rid of the rust, prevention of rusting, baking in the lacquer, polishing, etc. Look forward to receiving your craftwork which will be delivered to your home on a later date.

Name of the activity
Kyo Zogan Making Experience
3,500 yen (tax included)
Time required
Approximately 1 hour. (9:30~15:30 on the reserved day)
Number of admissions
2~40 people. (If you are signing up individually, the class will consist of 1~6 people)
What to bring
Nothing in particular
English service available.


Nakajima Zogan
Head Office ・Studio
〒616-8376 Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Sagatenryuji Setogawacho 10-3
Arashiyama Shoryuennai Shop
〒616-8385 Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Sagatenryuji Mon-mae
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Mr. Ryuji Nakajima

Mr. Ryuji Nakajima's favorite place is...?

Coffee Shop Yamamoto

It is a coffee shop located within walking distance from Nakajima Zogan, with a retro interior and atmosphere. The coffee made by roasting fresh beans is a must try, and the toast, salads and morning sets that include scrambled eggs are also worth the price! It is a shop that carefully picks each ingredient and is recommended to those that want the real deal.

Coffee Shop Yamamoto

Coffee Shop Yamamoto075-871-4454
Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Sagatenryuji Setogawacho 9-7

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