"Yamada-matsu Incense Wood Co.,Ltd"Scented sachet crafting experience, delivered by our craftsmen.

Scented sachet crafting experience
Scented sachet crafting experience
Scented sachet crafting experience
Scented sachet crafting experience

MBS "KYOTO CHISHIN" (Kansai local)2017.04.23 OA#50

Yamada-matsu Incense Wood Co.,Ltd  

Yohei Yamada


Contents of Experience

Do you not find the smell of scented clothing and accessories from women attractive? At "Yamada-matsu Incense Wood," You get to create your own cystin scented sachet by blending valuable incense ingredients yourself. This time it is the newscaster Asako Nishimura who gets to experience this! Nishimura, who is good at sports, and enjoys a fresh scent, will show you how to make your own custom scented sachet!

Asako Nishimura

  1. What are the incense ingredients?

    What are the incense ingredients?

    First the craftsman will explain what the incense ingredients consist of. Incense ingredients derived from botanical sources are used for this preparation.In addition to the botanical sources, we also incorporate rare materials extracted from animals, which includes musk, aloeswood, and other rare incense ingredients.

  2. Start making the scented sachet

    Start making the scented sachet

    After listening to the instructions of making of a scented sachet, it's hands-on time. Before making your preferred scented sachet, let's get our craftsman to teach you how to make it starting from the base. Using various kinds of incense ingredients, we would be adjusting it based on the arranged order and quantity.

  3. First, preparation of the base scent

    First, preparation of the base scent

    Each time you mix a incense ingredient with another, the scent slowly changes. Be relaxed by the scent of sandalwood, and surprised by the slightly spicy scent of cloves. Without noticing, TV announcer Asako Nishimura is engrossed into the process of creating her own scent

  4. Next up, adjust it to your own taste

    Next up, adjust it to your own taste

    Once the base scent is completed, add your preferred ingredients little by little, to adjust it to your liking. TV announcer Asako Nishimura has a preference for the kind of scent you find particularly refreshing after an exercise. Did you add too much? Does it needs a bit more depth? If it seems to be straying away from your preferred scent, do not worry as the craftsmen will help and advise you.

  5. Packing it in the sachet

    Packing it in the sachet

    TV announcer Asako Nishimura, through trial and error, has tried to achieve her ideal fragrance, and when the craftsman said "When you personally feel like it is right, it means you have done it well!" , she was convinced by his words and managed to craft her ideal scent. The incense ingredients were then stuffed into a cute Japanese patterned bag, and closed with a string.

  6. The Scented Sachet is created 

    The Scented Sachet is created 

    The Scented sachets can be used by putting them in a wardrobe and transferring the scents to clothing, carrying them around in a bag, and many other ways of use up to the individual. TV announcer Asako Nishimura's scented sachet received compliments as it had a really "Refreshing and elegant scent!". Although the base scent is the same; it becomes more spicy or sweet depending on the person making it, so please feel free to come enjoy comparing the different scents.

Name of the activity
Scented sachet crafting experience
2,000 yen (tax included)
Time required
50 minutes (from 15:30 on the appointed date)
Number of admissions
2 to 40 people
What to bring
You do not need to bring anything
English service available(corresponding to the explanation form) For kindergarteners and above


"Yamada-matsu Incense Wood Co.,Ltd"
602-8014 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City,Kamigyo-ku, Kageyukouji-cho 164
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Yohei Yamada

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It is a shop in my neighborhood that I have gone to since my childhood. It serves "Atsumori soba", which is a hot soba noodle dish. It is served with plenty of Kujyo green onions and egg, which is served together with a warm soup stock combined with wasabi, which is very tasty. Please appreciate the flavour of the buckwheat noodle soup as well . One serving of Atsumori Soba costs 900 yen.

Chikuyuantarou no Atsumori

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