Tsumamizaiku [Pinching-craft] flower box making taught by an 'Oharibako' Tsumami craftsman

Tsumamizaiku flower box making
Tsumamizaiku flower box making
Tsumamizaiku flower box making
Tsumamizaiku flower box making

MBS "KYOTO CHISHIN" (Kansai local)2017.04.02 OA#48

Tsumami craftsman

Hidemasa Kitai


Contents of Experience

While experiencing the technology of Tsumami craft makers who have decorated the hair of Japanese women, you can easily make your one and only flower box in the world. After listening to the explanation of Tsumamizaiku and observing the workshop on the 2nd floor of the store, it is time for you to experience the Hanare of Kyo-machiya! Don't you want to have colourful Tsumami flowers in your room?

  1. About Tsumamizaiku

    About Tsumamizaiku

    Your experience here will start with an explanation of Tsumamizaiku. Tsumami craft work is used to make hair accessories for maikos and brides to wear and can also be used to make charms and other accessories that can be used on a daily basis.

  2. Factory tour

    Factory tour

    In order to know more about Tsumamizaiku, we encourage you to go to the workshop on the second floor of the store. Cutting, assembling, finishing, inspection of the fabric used for the artwork are done by the hands of around 8 craftsmen.

  3. Challenge Tsumamizaiku

    Challenge Tsumamizaiku

    After the visit, you can go to the 'Hanare' (separate house) of Kyomachiya which was built around 100 years ago. First, the craftsman will demonstrate how to make a flower by pinching a 3.5 cm square cloth. We also challenge the basic form of "Maru Tsumami" and "Ken Tsumami"!

  4. Select a paulownia wooden box

    Select a paulownia wooden box

    After experiencing the basics of Tsumami, the next step is making a flower box. First, select a paulownia wooden box (3 colours of cloth). Then, choose 3 to 4 flowers you like. You can choose as many petals as you want!

  5. Determine the layout

    Determine the layout

    Lay the selected flowers and petals as you like. Make sure there is a balance of size and color between the flowers and the petals. You can enjoy combining the flower and the petals like drawing.

  6. Glue for flowers and petals

    Glue for flowers and petals

    Once you decide the placement, fix the flowers and petals and start the final touch. Big flowers should be glued using the glue gun, and wood glue for small flowers and petals. You are almost done with the flower box at this stage!

  7. Finish


    Once the adhesive dries, your original flower box is completed! Since the box has a lid, you can take it home safely. You can place it flatly, upright, or decorate it freely.

Name of the activity
Making flower boxes using Tsumamizaiku
10,000 yen (tax included)
Time required
1 hour
Number of admissions
2~7 people
What to bring
Nothing in particular
English service is available Parent or guardian required when children are below the age of 12


603-8215 Kyoto City, Kita-ku, Murasakino-shimomonzencho 25
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Mr. Hidemasa Kitai

Mr. Hidemasa Kitai's favorite place is...?


Daitokuji is located right in front of the shop which gives a great atmosphere. I like watching Zuihoin, one of the sub-temples of Daitokuji, and visit there often. There are two gardens here, "Dokuza-tei" and "Kaimin-tei" which are taken care by Mirei Shigemori, and I like them because they are very modern.


Kyoto City, Kita-ku, Murasakino-Daitokujicho

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