"GOOD NATURE OPEN FES" where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a bar outdoors is being held

Because of the new coronavirus, there are fewer opportunities to enjoy alcohol at bars.

Why not enjoy an authentic drink at a bar in a roofed outdoor space that is not so dense?

A commercial complex "GOOD NATURE STATION" that opened in Shijo Kawaramachi in December 2019.

"GOOD NATURE OPEN FES" is being held at the first floor plaza "MAENIWA" until August 31.

Also, bars and restaurants in Kyoto are open until August 10.

During the period, the menu which is deeply related to Kyoto is also prepared.


For example, a cocktail made with rare "Uri Katsura" which is a traditional vegetable of Kyoto but has a small amount of cultivation.

They serve dishes made with fresh deer meat and wild boar meat from Miyama's Javier group.

Along with cocktails and beer, you can enjoy a variety of dishes that go well with alcohol.

In addition, during the period, there are food and drink by "GOOD NATURE MARKET KITCHEN".

How about a dish using "vegetable with a producer's face" or a drink using craft gin from Kyoto?


"GOOD NATURE STATION" faces Kawaramachi-dori Street, which is one of the main streets in Kyoto.

Usually, a variety of events are held mainly on weekends, including direct sales of "vegetable with a producer's face".

*The contents of the event and business hours are subject to change.
Please check the official website for details.


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