Art Appreciation at "Hosomi Museum" ; Shunga(erotic art) and Youkai(Japanese monster) Painting

At the Hosomi Museum located in Okazaki, known to be the Art Area of Kyoto, there is an exhibition that has caught the attention of me as a adult female ...

It is named both the "Laughter" and "Scary" exhibition, drawn from the Nichibunken Collection ─ The world of Shunga and Youkai paintings.

Shunga and Youkai paintings may at first glance, seem like a contradiction of the theme, but after spending some time looking at both the paintings, you might be able to realize how it relates to the theme.

Looking at the valuable Nichibunken collection that is on display for the first time ever, with its two themes of "laughter" and "scary", do come by and experience the world of Shunga and Youkai painting that is revealing itself all around you!

The exhibition is on display till the 9th of December.

Admissions allowed only for adults aged 18 and above.

Photos Provided by: Hosomi Art Museum
Fukuda Taika (photograph)

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