Early Winter Light-Up "Arashiyama Hanatouro"

One of the exciting events of early December would be the "Arashiyama Hanatouro" that is held at Saga ・Arashiyama.

Famous natural sightseeing spots such as the Togetsukyo Bridge and the road through the Bamboo Forest will be illuminated with colorful lights.

Visiting the place at night will give you the chance to experience another atmosphere, one contrasting with the traditional atmosphere in the afternoon.

While walking along the fantasy-like road of the Bamboo Forest, you will feel as though you are walking in another universe.

Getting to Arashiyama is convenient as there are many train lines available: including the JR Line, Hankyu Railway and the Randen Tram Line.

However, there are very few food and beverage stalls that operate at night so it would be better to have your dinner in the city area.

From December 8.

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