Be impressed by Masterpeices from Shokokuji Jotenkaku Museum

The temples in Kyoto store a large number of precious treasures.

However, there has not been much opportunity to see them all at once, which makes this exhibition extra special.

The "In Praise of Onko -- Hyakkaryoran・Shokokuji Cultural Circle " exhibition held at Shokokuji Jotenkaku Museum presents you with masterpieces from the Muromachi period.

The Shokokuji, Kinkakuji head-tower, and Ginkakuji temples were the culture cultivated by the Shokokuji school, established by the Muromachi general, Ashikaga Yoshimitsu.

With the title of the "Shokokuji Cultural Circle", national treasures, ink paintings including important national property from medieval times, from masterpieces of Bokuseki (calligraphy) to the masterpieces of Maruyama Okyo, Ito Jakuchu, Tawaraya Sotatsu and more, are exhibited.

The Kyoto intellect is also sympathetic to the concept of praising "Onko" which means "to praise the old".

The exhibition is held until March 24th.

5_鳴鶴図 文正筆 右幅 明時代 重要文化財 相国寺蔵 .jpg

Pictures provided by: Shokokuji Jotenkaku Musuem

Pictures: Meikaku-zu, Bunsei-hitsu, Ufuku, Min-jidai (Ming dynasty), Important National Property, Shokokuji Temple Collection

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