"Chanoyu - Zen and Suki" is being held at "Shokoku-ji Jotenkaku Museum"!

The tea ceremony represents Japanese culture.

Do you know that the history was together with Zen?

It was built by Yoshimitsu Ashikaga and flourished as the center of Gozan Bungaku (Literature) "Shokoku-ji Temple".

A special exhibition called "Chanoyu (tea ceremony) - Zen and Suki (refined taste)" is being held at the adjacent "Jotenkaku Museum".

In the Sengoku period (period of warring states), Sen no Rikyu was invited to a tea ceremony held by Nobunaga Oda at Shokoku-ji Temple, which greatly contributed to the formation of the present tea ceremony.

In Edo period, new tea ceremony became popular in Shokoku-ji Temple and Rokuon-ji Temple.

In this exhibition, masterpieces such as tea utensils that were handed down to Shokoku-ji Temple through various hands are exhibited.

It is full of highlights such as "Taihi Sankamon Tenmoku chawan (tea bowl)" which was once owned by feudal lord tea master Fumai Matsudaira.

Shokoku-ji Jotenkaku Museum
701 Shokoku-ji Monzen-cho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
10 minute walk from Imadegawa Subway Station

Image provided by: Shokokuji Jotenkaku Museum

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