'Metamorphosis', a collaborative project based on Franz Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' will be performed

The audience of "with Corona era" may share a space that has never been seen before.

The pleasure of standing on the stage or going to the theater is invaluable.

The young theater troupes "Suimin Jikan" and "LaiLai Shilai " are based in Kyoto.

'Metamorphosis', a collaborative project based on Franz Kafka's 'metamorphosis' will be performed.

It will be held on August 30, 2020 at the gallery on the second floor of "Light Shokai Sanjo", a bar and cafe in Teramachi-Sanjo.

On the day, there are 2 performances scheduled from 14 o'clock and 17 o'clock.

The unique seat setting using various antique chairs from Light Shokai which is also an antique shop is nice.


*This photo is an image.The layout and some seats are different from the actual performance.

There are six types of seats in total.

Each table is named in German after the chess in which the pieces "metamorphosis" toward the end.

First of all, the "K (König)" which means "King" is 3000 yen.

You can have only one seat at each time and monopolize the largest antique sofa in the store.

Next, "D (Dame)" 2800 yen comes from the "Queen".

It is a special seat with only one seat each time, with a big sofa that you can sit down comfortably.

The 2500 yen "L (Loifer)" which is likened to a bishop is a floor seat where the front row is guaranteed.

With the floor seats looking up at the stage, you may be able to catch the expression of the actors who cannot be seen from the chair seats!?

It is a seat for people who have confidence in their legs and waist because they sit on the floor even though they can borrow cushions.

"S (Springer)" 2000 yen of the "Knight" is a chair with a backrest.

The 1800 yen chair with no backrest "T (Tulm)" is inspired by "Luke (castle)".

The 1500 yen "B (Bauer)" called "Pawn (infantry)" is a standing room at the back of the line.

Although it is a little far from the stage, you can see the whole stage from almost the same viewpoint as the actors.

Tickets are on sale. All seats are limited, so please come early if you are interested!

*Your seat may be sold out.

Please check the official website for details such as performance information and how to reserve tickets.

Sleep time x official website of Kyoso Planning "Metamorphosis"

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