"Time spent at home" exhibition held at "Hirayama-ten (Daily-use Store)" in Uji, Kyoto

Now that you have more time at home, why don't you think about furniture to make that time comfortable?

Solid wood furniture that becomes more tasteful and beautiful with use.

Growing up like a member of each family is a joy that is unique to wooden furniture.

An exhibition called "Ie-de-sugosu-jikan (time spent at home)" will be held at "Hirayama-ten (Daily-use Store)" in Uji, Kyoto.

The husband of a craftsman and the wife of a designer work together to make solid wood furniture "Hirayama-ten (Daily-use Store)".

The venue will also display a table that Mr. and Mrs. Hirayama used with their sons at home.

In addition, there are new chairs, round tables and bookshelves that were made to coincide with the exhibition.

You will be able to feel the gentle warmth of solid wood.

An annual exhibition sale is also held during the period.

You may find a way to spend more comfortable and rich time at home.

The session will be held from July 4, 2020 to 12th (10 to 17 o'clock).

Be sure to wear a mask when you come to the venue.

For details such as the outline of the event, please check the official website of Hirayama daily necessities store.

Hirayama grocery store official website

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