"KYOTOGRAPHIE -Kyoto International Photo Festival-" Crowdfunding

Various events and events in Kyoto are also affected by the new coronavirus.

"KYOTOGRAPHIE -Kyoto International Photo Festival-" is facing a financial crisis.

It is a rare international photo festival even in Japan which is set in shrines and temples in Kyoto and modern and contemporary architecture.

So far, nearly 100 related events have been held at the same time, including the "KG +" a publicly sponsored photography festival.

It also focuses on finding and supporting young photographers, and is a place for international information and exchange.

Also worth seeing are the innovative projects unique to Kyoto, such as collaborations with traditional craftsmen and cutting-edge technologies.

It is a popular photo festival where the city of Kyoto is decorated with works of up-and-coming artists from both Japan and abroad.

The eighth such event in 2020 was postponed from spring to autumn (September 19 to October 18).

A crowdfunding project has been launched in the hope that it will start successfully.

Can you help me enjoy the art of Kyoto in a new way of life?

The project will run until 23 o'clock on August 31, 2020.

Please check the official website for details.

Here is for the KYOTOGRAPHIE Kyoto International Photo Festival project page (English version).

Photo: Alfred Ehrhardt/Ryosokuin (Kennin-ji Temple Sannai)/2019/Photo by Go Asano

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