Noryo "sho" Furuhon Matsuri (Little Old books Festival in summer)

Originally, it is around the time when "Shimogamo Noryo Furuhon Matsuri" is held in Kyoto by Kyoto Kosho Kenkyukai.

In the Tadasu no Mori forest at Shimogamo Shrine, there are about 800,000 old books of various genres lined up, which is a special feature of Obon in Kyoto.

Unfortunately, the event in 2020 is cancelled due to the Corona disaster.

Therefore, a secondhand book festival is held in a separate hall by a secondhand bookstore.

"Noryo "sho" Furuhon Matsuri (Little Old books Festival in summer)" by Hagi Shobo Book Center II and the old book Dandelion.

The venue is traces of Teramachi Nijo Sangatsu Shobo.

Since June 2020, the Sangatsu Shobo has been closed every Monday to Sunday (7 days a week) due to the absence of a successor.

Only from 12 o'clock to 17 o'clock until August 16, it is open to the public as the venue for the Used Book Festival.

During the period, there are a lot of old books brought in by Hagi Shobo II and Dandelion, and it is exciting!

They also sell books and goods by Gregory Aoyama, a cartoonist and illustrator living in Kyoto.


In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, admission to the venue is restricted.

I is better to go out alone as much as possible and choose a book quickly.

A mini stamp rally is held at the same time in cooperation with the old book shop (Kichudo, Shogakudo and Akao Shobundo) on Teramachi-dori Street.

Why don't you go and look for a book you want to read during Obon vacation?

"Noryo "sho" Furuhon Matsuri (Little Old books Festival in summer)"
Date: Around 12 o'clock to 17 o'clock on August 9, 2020 to 16th
Place: Sangatsu Shobo Ruins (West side, Teramachi-dori Nijo-agaru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City)

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