New Coronavirus Infection Control and Support Project by DMO KYOTO

On Thursday, September 10, 2020, the Kyoto City Tourist Association (DMO KYOTO) became the first tourist organization in Japan to establish a system to support tourism operators in strengthening their measures against a new coronavirus infection. Why don't you enjoy a meal or stay in Kyoto while paying attention to efforts to increase your sense of security about sightseeing in Kyoto?

This is called "Today's (Kyoto's) Peace of Mind and Tomorrow's Smile: New Coronavirus Infection Control and Support Project" and it is a cheering group for Kyoto citizens and tourists to protect safe and secure Kyoto. When we visit restaurants and accommodations in Kyoto City, we evaluate the sanitation measures implemented by each store and facility on the web, and this is a groundbreaking initiative that leads to stronger measures against infectious diseases.

In July 2020, in response to a call from the Kyoto City Tourist Association, 23 tourism-related organizations in Kyoto Prefecture formulated guidelines for measures against new coronavirus infections. Stores, facilities, and services that support this initiative will receive hygiene stickers to increase the sense of security of sightseeing in Kyoto.

This is the first project in Japan to easily evaluate and support hygiene measures at stores and facilities. The collected information is fed back to each store and facility, and users also receive messages of satisfaction and support for the store and facility. Users who complete a questionnaire on the Web can also enjoy the chance to win prizes. In the future, measures will be further strengthened based on user feedback, which is expected to improve safety and security.

It is issued to stores and facilities that have declared their intention to promote activities based on the Kyoto Tourist Information Guideline "ガイドライン推薦宣言事業所ステッカー (Guidelines Recommendation Declaration sticker)". When you go sightseeing in Kyoto, why don't you check this hygiene stickers posted at the store?

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