Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art holds a one-night cultural event, "Night with Art 2020"

Fall makes you want to stay up late while enjoying art and music.

It's a fun season to go out feeling a nice night breeze.

Every year on the night of October, "New Blanche (White Night Festival)" is held in Paris, France.

It is a one-night cultural event where art and concerts are held in various places.

Paris is one of the sister cities of Kyoto City.

Therefore, "New Blanche KYOTO" where you can enjoy modern art will be held at the same time in Kyoto City.

In 2020, the night of Saturday, October 3 will be New Blanche.

The venues in Kyoto City include the Kyoto Station Building, Anstice France Kansai and former Imperial Villa Nijo Castle.

This year's highlight is the Kyoto Municipal Kyocera Museum of Art in Okazaki, the largest cultural zone in Kyoto.

It is a historical museum that opened in 1933, and this May's renewal opening was also a topic of conversation.

The one-night "Night with Art 2020" decorated with various cultural events will be held as a simultaneous "New Blanche KYOTO 2020" program.

On the day of the exhibition, the opening time will be extended to 22 o'clock, so it is also attractive that you can enjoy the exhibition at your leisure!

How about spending the long autumn night in Okazaki, which is a little different from usual, and having a good time?

For details of the event, please check the official website of Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art.

Here is the official website of Kyoto Kyocera Museum of Art.

*Kyoto Municipal Kyocera Museum of Art is now open with priority to reservations.
*You have to take your temperature and wear a mask when you enter the building.

Image: mama! milk (Photo by hiroaki zenke)

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