"Good Nature Smile Festival" filled with the thoughts of the producers

Some shops and restaurants had been closed for a long time due to the new coronavirus.

Some Non-standard fruits and vegetables could not be displayed in the store due to bad weather.

Ethical events supporting these shops and ingredients is held now.

It is the "GOOD NATURE SMILE FES" of the "GOOD NATURE STATION" commercial complex in Shijo Kawaramachi.

Ingredients and products filled with the thoughts of the makers are displayed at a more reasonable price than usual.

It is a limited time event until Sunday, September 27, so if you are interested in it, go out early.


For example, pear from Kyotango whose flower buds were damaged by arare and leopard that fell in early spring, became out of specification.

We couldn't ship it because of the appearance, but of course the sugar content, texture and taste are first-class.

Why don't you try bringing autumn to the dining table with fresh pears harvested at the farm in Kyotango City?

You can also enjoy fresh juice made from whole pears at the venue.


Dried fish at "Yamaichi Suisan" in Miyazu was originally supposed to be displayed at hotels and restaurants.

Marine products that have lost their way due to the Corona disaster are directly sent from Miyazu Port.

Mackerel, sailfin sandfish, and opened horse mackerel are served fresh as teppanyaki.

Draft beer from GOOD NATURE STATION's original food brand "SIZEN TO OZEN" is also recommended.

You can spend a blissful time with the limited number of "cacao beer" and freshly baked dried fish.


"Miyama milk" in Miyamacho, Nantan, is also said to be shrinking due to a decline in demand for food and drink.

The "Homemade Ricotta Cheese with Fushimi Chili Pepper, Leek and Miyama Milk" that uses 100% of that raw milk is superb!

You can enjoy it at the casual dining "ERUTAN RESTAURANT/BAR" on the first floor of the building.

An original lemon liqueur made with pesticide-free Fukakusa lemon is also on sale at a special price.

Please look for this product at the shop "MARKET" on the first floor of the building.


"GOOD NATURE SMILE FES" aims to bring smiles to everyone, including visitors, makers and the community.

On the first floor plaza "MAENIWA", nine stores will open on a daily basis, focusing on additive-free foods and ingredients.

Please check the official website of "GOOD NATURE STATION" for details of the event.

Here is for details on "GOOD NATURE SMILE FES"

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