Kyoto Hotel Okura's Halloween Sweets

Why don't we enjoy Halloween at a hotel or at home this year?

In October, Halloween sweets will be served at the cafe "lec coat" in Kyoto Hotel Okura!

At the eat-in, a sweet plate "Moonlit feast - Fete de la Lune -" is provided.

There are 4 types of sweets such as a ghost daifuku made of pumpkin and chestnuts, and macaroons covered with witch's hat.

Fun plate with autumn ingredients in Halloween costume and story on plate.


Also, if you want to enjoy it at home, please try the takeout "Halloween cake"!

"Jack O'Lantern" cake, sweet potato pudding, apple compote, etc.

A total of six cakes decorated with Halloween motifs will be appeared.

You can enjoy it with a drink at the eat-in.

Both are sold only during Halloween from Thursday, October 1 to 31st.

Please check the official website of Kyoto Hotel Okura for details.

The official website of Kyoto Hotel Okura is here.

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