"Hokyo-ji Temple" "Fall Doll Exhibition" with a fragrant osmanthus

When I walk outside in this season, the sweet smell of osmanthus tickles my nose.

One of Kyoto's most famous spots for osmanthus trees is "Hokyo-ji Temple in Horikawa-Teranouchi.

The temple is said to have been founded during the Oan era (1368 - 75) by Karinnomiya Egon Zenni, the daughter of Emperor Kogon.

It is a Amamonzeki temple where successive princesses served as chief priests after 1644.

The temple is usually closed to the public, but a small gate is open, and when you go through the gate, you will see a osmanthus tree.

In addition to gold osmanthus fragrans, silver osmanthus fragrans and mochinoki tree are also planted.

When you pass by, why don't you go through a small gate and gently love her?


The Hokyo-ji Temple was also called "Dodo Gosho" as successive princesses served at the temple.

She owns many dolls that were given to her by the emperor, and is also known as the "Doll Temple".

It is open to the public at the spring and autumn doll exhibition, and in 2020, "Fall Doll Exhibition" will be held from November 1 to 15th.

Why don't you take this opportunity to visit a temple that is not usually open to the public?

A Ningyo-zuka (Doll monument) is built in the precincts, and Goshuin with a stamp of Ningyo-zuka is given.

*The holding of "doll exhibition" may change depending on the situation.

Old Hyakugosho Hokyo-ji Temple
547 Dodo-cho, Teranouchi-dori Higashi-iru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
1 minute walk from the Horikawa-Teranouchi City bus stop

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