​"Mishima-sha Fair" is being held at bathhouse "Kyoto Tamanoyu"

​As Christmas approaches, the town of Kyoto is gradually starting to illuminate.

​Why don't you warm up your cold body at a bathhouse after walking after seeing the illumination?

​At the sento "Kyoto Tamanoyu" near Kyoto City Hall, the winter fun "Tamanarie" is lit.

​Not only the people who come to take a bath, but also the people who go on the road are brightly lit up.

​The "Tamanoyu x Miyako x Mishima-sha Fair" is being held until early December.

​During the event, books from the local publisher "Mishima-sha Corporation" are displayed in the changing room.

​It was held at the same time at bathhouse "Miyakoyu" in Shiga, and the books selected at each public bath were different.

​If you buy 3 books, you can get a collaboration towel "Yutobon" as a present.

​Why don't you take this opportunity to read a book in the changing room or bathroom?

My body and heart get warm, and I feel like I can step back on the way home.

​Many large-scale illumination events have been canceled this winter.

​I feel like I am saved by the gentle lights that illuminate a corner of the town such as public baths and churches.

​Kyoto Tamanoyu
​401 Kameya-cho, Oshikoji-dori Gokomachi Nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
​3 minutes walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the subway.

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