"Illumination of the world's autumn leaves" at Kyoto Botanical Garden

​It is lit up at night in various places during the autumn leaves season.

​I will introduce you to some of the best spots for autumn leaves in Kyoto that you can enjoy until this weekend.

​Kyoto Botanical Garden started to light up autumn leaves at night in 2019.

​For the 2nd year in 2020, the "Illumination of the world's autumn leaves" will be held until Sunday, November 29.

​The park is usually open until 17 o'clock but has been extended to 20 o'clock (The last entrance is at 19:30.).

​When it gets dark, the light up points such as Irohamomiji, Yamazakura and Ginkgo will light up.

​Trees such as cherry maple trees and metasequoia trees native to overseas are also illuminated, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

​About 200 Japanese maple trees which reflect on the pond water surface surrounding the "Nagagi no Mori" is also wonderful.

​Around the pond you can see cherry blossoms that bloom in the fall, and the collaboration with the autumn leaves is a feature of this season's botanical garden.

​The park is large, so it's nice that you can take your time and look around without getting too crowded.


​Also, don't miss the free night opening of "viewing greenhouse" during the period!

​The humidity in the greenhouse is set high, and the night greenhouse surrounded by greenery has a jungle atmosphere.

​From the entrance to the exit, the feeling of jumping into a different world continues.

​Why don't we go out in the dark and love the plants that are lit up?

​Kyoto Botanical Garden
​Shimogamo Hangicho, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
​Very close to Kitayama Subway Station

​"Illumination of the world's autumn leaves" is until Sunday, November 29, 2020, from sunset to 20 o'clock (The last entrance is at 19:30).

​The "viewing greenhouse" is open free of charge during the night from 17 o'clock to 20 o'clock (The last entrance is at 19:30).

*During the period, after 17 o'clock you can enter only from the main gate and the Kitayama gate.

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