Enjoy "黙浴 (silent bath)" and Arts

The 26th of every month is "bath day" in Japan.

At present, Sento (public bath) across the country are promoting the "黙浴 (moku-yoku: silent bath)" in which people take a bath in silence as a measure against infectious diseases.

It invented "だるまだまる (Daruma-damaru: Daruma without talking)" at those public baths; the Murasaki-Yu in Kyoto, the Yu-dokoro Abenobashi in Osaka and the Heiden Onsen in Nagoya.

The motif is "Daruma doll".

It was designed as a character for "黙浴 (moku-yoku: silent bath)".

It is said that it was named after a Daruma (Daruma Daishi), which is said to have attained enlightenment by sitting on a wall in silence.

If we take a bath quietly, you may be able to see the scenery you have overlooked.

Currently, "Chiisana Sento Exhibition" is being held at the Murasaki -Yu.

During the period until Sunday, March 14, a collaboration work by 3 artists who like public baths is exhibited in the bathroom.

"Hanko (Stamp)", "Tile Art" and "miniature model" are all based on the theme of "Sento (public baths)".

These works you can view while soaking in the bathtub will surely enrich your "silent bath" time.

Also, daily changing bath, "Bontang hot water" will be available from Friday, February 26 to 28th (Sun) at Murasaki-Yu.

For three days, the Bontan (Citrus maxima), a specialty of Akune, Kagoshima floats in the bathtub and is surrounded by the scent of southern districts.

On Friday, the 26th of "bath day", entry to the bath for elementary school children and younger is free, so why don't you experience "黙浴 (silent bath)" with your children?

At the Bandai (counter), specialty goods such as "Bontan-Ame (candy)" and "Bontan-zuke (Pickled Bontan)" are sold.

The Murasaki-yu that has been open for 90 years is a famous Sento (public bath) where their dog and cat sometimes sit on the Bandai.

Why don't you enjoy Sento art and architecture, while mastering "黙浴 (silent bath)"?

It is also nice that there is a reasonable "Tebura Set" with shampoo, soap, rental towels and bath ticket!

15 Higashigoshoden-cho, Murasakino, Kita Ward, Kyoto City
A short walk from Kitaoji-Horikawa, City bus stop

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