The events held at Machiya in Kyoto

Machiya (Traditional townhouses) in Kyoto are called "Unagi no Nedoko (bed of eels)" which have narrow frontage and long depth.

Designs include "格子 (Koshi)" "虫籠窓(Mushikomado)" and "鍾馗さん (Shoki-san)".

It is a traditional building filled with the wisdom, ingenuity and aesthetic sense of the people of Kyoto.

March 8 is designated as the "Machiya no Hi (Machiya Day)" nationwide in Japan.

Machiya Day events are held nationwide on "Machiya no Hi Week" from March 1 to 8th.

This time, I will introduce the events held at Machiya in Kyoto.

Saturday, March 6 is "Futomaki Cooking Class" at "Sushi Fukuyoshi" in "Okini Geihinkan" (charge).

You can make Futomaki-sushi using rice cooked in "Okudosan and taste them in Fukuyoshi's special space.

Saturday, March 6 and Sunday, March 7 are "Plaster painting experience class" at "Umaku Nureru LABO Kyoto" (Free).

It is an experience session by reservation which you can enjoy the simple way of plaster coating with professional staff.

Monday, March 8, they held an exhibition "Shokunin" at "Nihon no Kaze" (Free).

The exhibition features books about Japanese craftsmen that were published in 2020 and have gained a good reputation.

And this year, on Thursday, March 4, there will be an online event called "Utsu-keshi Tea Ceremony" (charge).

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There is also a photo contest on Instagram themed "Photograph showing life in a Kyo-Machiya (Kyoto townhouse)".

Please check the official website of "Machiya no Hi" for details of each event.

Last year, a machiya day event was cancelled due to the new coronavirus.

It will be held on a smaller scale this year, so why don't you check it out?

Click here for more information on the "Machiya no Hi" event.

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