Spring Opening at "Neejima Former Residence"

In the "KYOTO CHSHIN" the other day, I introduced the "Yaesaki no Koubai" of Shimogoryo Shrine.

This time, through the connection of "Yae", we will introduce the private residence "Neesima Former Residence" of Joseph Hardy Neesima and his wife, "Yae".

Joseph Hardy Neesima (Jo Neesima) is a Christian educator who is known as the founder of Doshisha.

Doshisha English School, the predecessor of Doshisha University, was opened in Teramachi Marutamachi in 1875.

When the school opened, it rented a residence owned by the peerage Yasuzane TAKAMATSU in the late Edo period to use as a temporary school building.

It started with eight students, but the next year the number of students increased and the school moved to the former residence of the Satsuma Domain in Karasuma Imadegawa.

Joseph Hardy, who bought the Takamatsu residence, built the Neejima couple's private residence in 1878.

This is the current "Neesima Former Residence".

The building is a two-story wooden building with a traditional Japanese interior and an exterior that resembles a Western-style building such as colonial-style windows.

It is a modern house that doesn't seem to have been built only 10 years after the end of Edo Shogunate.

Of course, it was the most advanced architecture of the time, and the toilet was a Western-style structure of a sitting type.

As the former residence of the founder of Doshisha, it was designated as a tangible cultural property of Kyoto City in 1985.


It is not usually open to the public, but it is open to the public in spring and autumn as a place to experience the spirit of establishment.

This spring, it is open to the public from March 2 to 30th, every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

We can't go up into the building, but it is an opportunity to see the inside of the building from around the old residence.

In addition, special exhibitions are held in spring and autumn.

The special opening this spring will be held for 3 days from March 20 to 22nd.

In the special opening, you can enter the first floor of the main building and the annex room in addition to the tour around the old residence and inside of the building.

In Joseph's study, his favorite chairs and desks are displayed as they were in those days, and an Yae's organ is also displayed in the drawing room.

We can also see the seat type toilet which can be said to be the first Western style toilet.

The furniture and furnishings left in the former residence of Neesima are also valuable materials that tell the history of Doshisha.

These are also designated as tangible cultural properties by Kyoto City along with the building.

A cherry tree named "Joseph Hardy Neesima (Jo Neesima)'s Cherry Blossoms" has been planted in the adjacent Neesima Hall.

It is a new variety that is a mixture of Yae-higan and Beni-yutaka.

I am looking forward to blooming this spring.

Neejima Former Residence
Shoincho, Marutamachi-agaru, Teramachi-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City
10 minutes walk from Marutamachi Station of Keihan Jingu Shrine

Here is for The red plum blossoms and "Shimogoryo Nagomi-ichi (market)"

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