Heian-jingu Shrine's First Second-hand book festival held

The state of emergency was lifted in Kyoto on Sunday, June 20.

It has been shifted to priority measures such as prevention of spread, so I would like to continue to act with a firm mind.

There are many second-hand bookstores in Kyoto, and every year, various "Furu-hon Matsuri (Second-hand book festivals)" are held.

From last year to this year, many events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Heian-jingu Shrine is holding its first "Furu-hon Matsuri (Second-hand book festival)" now.


In an effort to overcome the coronavirus crisis, a "Min-na De Tsukuru Furu-hon Matsuri (Second-hand book festival made by everyone)" was organized mainly by second-hand bookstores in Osaka.

I heard that it is a crowdfunding combined event created with the support of visitors.

The watchword is "Guys in Second-hand bookstores! Stand up! We want to hold a Second-hand book festival at Heian-jingu Shrine!"

Second-hand book stores from all over Japan, including Osaka, Shiga, Mie, Ishikawa, Shizuoka and Okayama, are gathered at Heian-jingu Shrine.

"Sylvain Shobo" "Kyoto Star Books" "Ishikawa Furuhon-ten" "Kogameya" and "Machiya Furuhon Hannoki".

These Second-hand book stores in Kyoto, which are familiar to the Second-hand book festival fans, also have tents.

"Bo-ai Shobo" a bookstore in Kyoto, is said to have participated in a Second-hand book festival for the first time.

Why don't you go there and support Second-hand bookstores that gather from all over Japan?

Not only used books but also old maps, postcards, records and CDs are sold.

Along with books and records that enrich our time at home, we will want peace of mind.

"Min-na De Tsukuru Furu-hon Matsuri (Second-hand book festival made by everyone)" is held until Wednesday, June 23.

Please make sure to wear a mask and do not forget to take measures against infectious diseases. Also, please take measures against heat stroke.


At the Otenmon gate of Heian-jingu Shrine, the Chinowa-kuguri, which is familiar to people in Nagoshi no harae, is set up.

I would like to pray for perfect health and the elimination of the plague by getting rid of the damage for the past six months.

I hope that one of the "Kyoto Sandai Furuhon Matsuri (Three Ancient Second-hand book Festivals)", the Shimogamo Noryo Furuhon Matsuri, will also be held this summer.

Also, in the shrine garden of Heian-jingu Shrine, "Hangesho" is greet us, too.

Heian-jingu Shrine
Okazakinishi Tennocho, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
5 minutes walk north from Okazaki Koen Bijutsukan Heian-jingu-mae, City bus stop
Or, 5 minutes walk north from Okazaki Koen Rohm Theater Kyoto Miyako Messe-mae, City bus stop

"Min-na De Tsukuru Furu-hon Matsuri" is held from June 19 to June 23. *10:00-17:00 each day.

Here is for "Hangesho" and "Hato Mochi" in Miyake Hachiman-gu Shrine.

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