"TANGO FES" where Tango foods gather is being held

Located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, Tango is an area called "UMI no Kyoto (Sea's Kyoto)."

Food events packed with the charms of Kyotango city, Miyazu city, Yosano-cho and Ine-cho are being held at three locations in Kyoto City.

The venues are: "QUESTION" in Kawaramachi Oike, "Demachi-za no Soko" in Demachiyanagi, and "Mar Cafe" in Kiyomizu Gojo.

Until Sunday, June 27, each restaurant's "Tango menu" is available.

Among them, I introduce "TANGO SANDOZ" of "QUESTION", the main venue of "TANGO FES".

​There are two types of "TANGO SANDOZ": "YAMA (Mountain)" and "UMI (Sea)" made by the popular cafe "Kissa Madrague".

​"YAMA" of "TANGO SANDOZ" includes Kyoto Tango beef tongue and carrot rapes, sprouts and lettuce.

​"UMI" of "TANGO SANDOZ" includes heshiko, local Ine fish, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes and lettuce.

​Each sandwich is made with ingredients from the mountains and the sea of Tango, and is limited to 30 a day.


In addition, the set of "TANGO SANDOZ", which is famous in the cafe Madrague and and "TANGO SANDOZ" (half size) is also recommended!

Try the fluffy thick omelet sandwich that reproduces the taste of the famous restaurant.

During the period, it will be sold from noon, but it will sell out soon, so if you are interested, please hurry up.

There is an eat-in space in the venue, and you can also enjoy takeout.

And there is a shop with delicious food of Tango too, so you can feel the food of Tango close to you.


"QUESTION" is a co-creation facility run by Kyoto Shinkin Bank as a community bank.

For any "? (QUESTION)" that we can't solve it by self ,It is a space to solve "? (QUESTION)" with people from various fields.

The "awa bar" on the first floor is a cafe and bar run by current university students of Kyoto University of the Arts.

During the Tango Festival, four original drinks made with ingredients from Tango are on sale, too.

If you purchase "TANGO SANDOZ", you can get a ticket for discount of 100 yen drink of "awa bar".

Once the world has settled down, you should visit Tango, which is rich in seafood and mountain vegetables.

390 -2 Shimomaruya-cho, Kawaramachi-dori Oike-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Prefecture
Close to Exit 1 of Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Subway Station

QUESTION Official Website

"TANGO FES" runs from Monday, June 14 to Sunday, June 27.

TANGO FES Official Website

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