Spring Up Spring Exhibition is holding at art space co-jin

​This spring, which we were looking forward to, the world was greatly affected by the novel coronavirus.

Why don't we feel the joy of spring now even though you couldn't go out and didn't feel spring?

I will introduce you the gallery 'art space co-jin' at Kojin-guchi.

An exhibition titled "Spring up Spring" is now being held.

The exhibition, which will be released in April, was discontinued as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It was reopened on Tuesday, June 1 and extended until Sunday, July 18.

Various flowers drawn by five artists bloom in the hall, and you will be excited by the joy of spring.

There will also be a limited edition Spring up Spring postcard available at the event.

How about making your favorite flowers bloom in your home?


"art space co-jin" is a popular place to meet the works and expressions of people with disabilities in Kyoto.

This is a gallery run by the Organization for the Promotion of Culture and Art for Persons with Disabilities.

We provide opportunities for the realization of a symbiotic society through art and culture, such as painting, photography and ceramics.

The glass gallery facing Kawaramachi-dori Street is free and easy to drop by.

At present, in addition to ventilation, door knobs and pens are frequently disinfected.

Please make sure to wear a mask and disinfect alcohol at the entrance before entering.

​For details, please check the official website of art space co-jin.

art space co-jin (Institute for the Promotion of Culture and Art for Persons with Disabilities)
Le Frail 1st floor, 83 Miyagaki-cho, Kojinguchi-agaru, Kawaramachi-dori, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
1 minute walk from Kojin-guchi, City bus stop

art space cojin official website

The "Spring up Spring" exhibition runs until Sunday, July 18 (closed on Mondays).

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