Amanohashidate: One of Japan's three most scenic spots

July 21 is "Nihon Sankei no Hi (Japan's three most scenic spots day)".

This year, July 22 is "Umi no Hi (Marine Day)".

The three most scenic spots in Japan are Matsushima (Miyagi Prefecture), Miyajima (Hiroshima Prefecture), and Amanohashidate (Kyoto Prefecture).

It began when Shunsai HAYASHI, a Confucian scholar in the early Edo period, introduced it as' Nihon Sankei '(Three Views of Japan) in his' Nihonkoku Jisekiko '(On the History of Japan).

July 21 was designated as "Nihon Sankei no Hi" (Japan's three most scenic spots day) because of the birthday of Shunsai.

Amanohashidate is a place of special scenic beauty interwoven with the white sand and green pine trees that are found along Miyazu Bay in the Sea of Japan in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture.

The unique landscape with about 5,000 pine trees is a product of nature over a long period of time.

It is called "Sashi" because of its beak-like shape.

It's about 20 - 170 meters wide and 3.6 kilometers long.

One of the best places to see Amanohashidate from the south is the observation deck at Amanohashidate View Land.

It is named "Hiryu-kan" because it looks like a dragon soaring into the sky when viewed upside down from between the legs.

Not only do you enjoy the panoramic view of Mata Nozoki, but we also recommend cycling and walking around Amanohashidate!

The beach will open on July 22, so you can enjoy it in various ways.


Also, from this summer to autumn, there will be an event you can enjoy after sunset.

At Monju Amanohashidate Park in Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture, "Amanohashidate Beach Illumination " is being held until Thursday, September 30.

During the period, the sandy beach to the south of Amanohashidate is brilliantly illuminated.

I think I can immerse myself in a mysterious world where colors change with time.

"Miyazu Amanohashidate Yale Fireworks" will also be held from July 22.

It is scheduled to be held 17 times until Sunday, October 24, and about 75 fireworks are set off from Miyazu Bay.

It's a time when you can't travel freely, but why don't you think about the superb scenery that Japan is proud of?

"Amanohashidate Beach Illumination " will be held from July 10 to September 30.
Every day from 19 o'clock to 22:30

"Miyazu Amanohashidate Yale Fireworks" will be held from July 22 to October 24.
From 20:30 to 20:35 * A total of 17 launches are scheduled during the period.

Please check the official website of Amanohashidate Tourist Association for details.

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