The sketches "Goryo-san" drawn by children are on display

Why don't you feel closer to God through the pictures drawn by children during this summer vacation?

The other day, "The 50 th Hono Shasei Taikai (Sketch contest)" was held at Goryo-jinja Shrine (Kamigoryo-jinja Shrine).

Children's works are displayed at the Ema-sho in the precincts until August 18.

A view of a shrine in summer drawn from various angles by small artists such as the main shrine and torii.

If we look at them calmly, we may almost hear the sound of cicadas and the wind.

The Goryo-jinja Shrine is known as "Goryo-san" and is familiar to local people.

The precincts of Goryo-jinja Shrine are called "Goryo no Mori" (Forest of Goryo).

From the end of July to the beginning of August, the annual radio gymnastics was held in the precincts.

A god who watches over the growth of children throughout the year such as Omiya-mairi and 753 mairi.

I think that the precincts where children can be seen are becoming more and more power spots.


It has long been known as the guardian god of the Imperial Palace and is highly revered by the Imperial Family.

It is said that the wood which was given by the Imperial Court was used for the Ema-sho.

On the other hand, the desks and shogi (folding stool) placed in the Ema-sho are new ones.

It was made from the Himalayan cedar of precincts that fell in the autumn typhoon of 2017.


On August 18, it will be held a Reisai (regular festival) at Goryo-jinja Shrine.

In the morning, Shinto rituals and Kyogen will be performed, and in the afternoon, Goryo-daiko and Nenbutsu will be performed.

*Due to the effect of the novel coronavirus and the weather, the contents may be changed or canceled.

I hope this unstable situation will be resolved soon and the world will become a place where children can spend their time freely.

Goryo-jinja Shrine (Kamigoryo-jinja Shrine)
Karasuma Higashi-iru, Kamigoryomae-dori Street, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes from subway Kuramaguchi

Children's "Hono-shasei Taikai" works will be on display until August 18.
The annual festival of Goryo-jinja Shrine is scheduled to be held on August 18. * It may be changed or canceled.

Here is for Goryo-jinja Shrine, where the Onin War broke out

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