"Boshin War Color Emaki and Nishiki Imperial Flag Exhibition" held at Ninna-ji Temple

The first and second volumes of "Boshin War Emaki" (picture scroll of the Boshin War) are said to have been handed down in Sohonzan (the head temple of a Buddhist sect) Ninna-ji Temple.

It is a 39 scene masterpiece depicting the details of the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, which was the beginning of the Boshin War.

The two upper and lower volumes of the picture scrolls, which are about 40 meters long, were photographed by ultra-high-definition scanning technology.

It took about a year for the photographs to be digitally colored under the guidance of historical documents and experts.

On August 2021, the long-awaited full color picture scroll, Volume One and Two, was completed!

To commemorate this, the colorless hand scrolls that remain at Ninnaji Temple will be shown to the public in color.

The Boshin War began with the Battle of Toba-Fushimi in January 1868, at the end of the Edo period.

On December 1867, Ninnaji's 30th Cloistered Imperial Prince Junnihhou returned to secular life.

Kanzoku means returning to secular life from a priest.

Cloistered Imperial Prince Junnihhou was appointed seito taishogun as Imperial Prince Ninnajinomiya Yoshiakira.

Ninnajinomiya Taishogun led the new government army and won the battle against the former Shogunate army started from Toba.

In the middle of the Meiji period, an effort was started to accurately record the 'Boshin War' that occurred at a turning point in period.

Those who experienced the Boshin War were the promoters and made picture scrolls and presented them to the Imperial Court.

Two years later, they made a small number of copies of the original manuscript for not sale.

One of them distributed to a very small number of people is owned by Ninna-ji Temple.

The Imperial Flag and items related to Cloistered Imperial Prince Junnihhou are also on display.

The symbol of the new government army, 'Nishiki no mihata' can be seen here and there in the picture scrolls.

This time, the Imperial flag of the brocade that is owned by Ninna-ji Temple and items related to Cloistered Imperial Prince Sumihito will be displayed at the same time.

Ninna-ji Temple has 12 national treasures, 47 important cultural properties and about 20,000 other cultural properties.

Since around 2012, cultural properties have been digitized for the purpose of accurate records.

And this "Boshin War Emaki" made in the middle of Meiji was digitized in the Reiwa era.


The coloring of "Boshin War Emaki" this time was based on "Nishiki no Mihata" (Imperial Flag), a book of colored paintings.

It is a collection of paintings owned by Ryozen Rekishukan and Jonangu where the camp of the new government army was built at the Battle of Toba.

With the full cooperation of both parties, the book was digitized and used as color samples.

The full color of the blazing flames brings out the horror of the war more realistically.

In order to reduce the impact, the color of the blood flowing from soldiers is a little lighter.

When we face the pain, you will realize that it is an unmistakable historical fact.

As for the colors used in the art books, all the clothing and accessories are based on the relics of the time, and the geography is a field survey.

They examined the testimonies of prominent figures who actually participated in the war, and they said that there was no imaginary one and the contents were accurate.

In addition, the explanation book of the picture scroll in the National Diet Library is also a reference.

"戊辰戦争カラー絵巻と錦御旗展 (The Boshin War Color Emaki and Nishiki Imperial Flag Exhibition)" will be held to commemorate the completion of the digital color printing.

Why don't you appreciate the picture scrolls that are faithfully colored like a picture with historical materials and the guidance of experts?

Sohonzan: Ninna-ji Temple

33 Omuro Ouchi, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
2 minutes walk from Randen Omuro Ninna-ji Station

Event commemorating the completion of the Reiwa version of the digital color version of the Boshin War Emaki
"Boshin War: Color Emaki and Nishiki no Mihata ten" at Ninna-ji Temple and the Meiji Restoration

Period: Saturday, September 18 to Sunday, October 17
Hours: 9 o'clock to 16:30 *Last entrance at 16 o'clock.
Venue: Grand Head Temple, Ninna-ji Temple Ouchi room *please enter from the main entrance of the garden of Ninna-ji Temple)
Admission: 1,100 yen *includes admission to the garden of Ninna-ji Temple

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