"Kyoto Ongaku Hakurankai 2021" will be held online on Saturday, October 2.

It is difficult to hold many spectator live performances and events now due to the coronavirus.

On the other hand, there is a growing demand for online streaming live with no spectators.

The beauty of online distribution is that you can watch a live concert at home.

If you have a PC or smartphone connected to the Internet, your home will be the live venue.

We can enjoy live performances that have just been opened without going out far.

This time, we will introduce the online distribution of the music event which "KYOTO CHISHIN" focuses on.

It is "Kyoto Ongaku Hakurankai 2021 (Kyoto Onpaku music fair)" sponsored by the Kyoto-born rock band "Kururi".

This is a popular music event held in Kyoto for the first time at Umekoji-koen Park in 2007, and this year marks its 15th anniversary.

Last year, it was recorded at the long-established live house "Jittoku".

This year, Kururi's alma mater, Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Campus " Igakukan" and "Gakusei Kaikan" will be filmed on stage!

It will be released online at 19:30 on Saturday, October 2, 2021, so why not check it out?

"Kururi", a rock band celebrating its 25 year anniversary


Mr. Shigeru Kishida (photo : left) is in charge of the vocals and guitar for Kururi.

The bass and vocalist is Mr. Masashi Sato (photo : right).

The two met when they were at Ritsumeikan High School, and in 1996, while studying at Ritsumeikan University, they formed "Kururi."

The rock band made their major debut in 1998 and continues their journey influenced by various music.

This time, a new stage by Kururi will be unfolded in a place deeply remembered by them.

Special stage for only "Kyoto Onpaku"!


A total of 11 pieces from the band's latest album, Love of Genius, will be performed on stage at Igakukan.

Released in April 2021, this album features an impressive contrast between closely intertwined instruments.

Their meticulous and complex composition left them with the challenge of not being able to perform most of their songs live.

However, a new arrangement has been made for this "Kyoto Otohaku" and it is finally revealed!

A total of 15 performers and 14 performers at the maximum will participate in this special version of the full set.

All 11 of "Tensai no Ai (Genius' Love)" including her debut songs, will be delivered.

It is also good to enjoy listening and comparing with Kururi's 13 th original album "Tensai no Ai (Genius' Love)".

Songs made while in school are also played at the place where Kururi was formed.


Another stage on the day, the "Gakusei Kaikan" has a deep connection to Kururi.

At this venue, Mr. Shigeru Kishida and Masashi Sato of Kururi and their recent tour members will join.

Mr. Yasuhiro Nozaki on the keyboard, Mr. Taiki Matsumoto on the guitar and Mr. Hayao Ishiwaka on the drum.

While changing the composition of the performance, music produced in various periods comes back on the stage.

The "Gakusei Kaikan" is also known as the place where the Kururi of students stood on the stage.

The club room of the music circle 'Rock Commune' where Kururi was formed was also in the "Gakusei Kaikan".

In 2016, the band's 20 year anniversary, a one-night live was broadcast from the club room.

I hope the cheers from all over the country will reach Kururi as they stand on the stage of "Gakusei Kaikan" again!

We can enjoy the two different stages together only by distribution!


"Kyoto Otohaku" will released online the Kururi's stage from "Igakukan" and "Gakusei Kaikan".

It is full of the charm of the Kururi, which has been in existence for 25 years and is distributed from the place of memories to the world.

It is also a performance unique to live distribution that two different concept stages are developed.

The finest Kyoto items carefully selected by the Kururi from Kyoto.


The Kinugasa campus of Ritsumeikan University is the origin of Kururi's musical activities.

Surrounded by famous temples such as Kinkakuji Temple (Rokuonji Temple), Ryoanji Temple and Ninnaji Temple, it is a calm environment overlooking Kinugasayama.

This year will be the second year of online distribution, but there are also contents that can only be made online.

For example, "Onpaku Market" introduces carefully selected stores in Kyoto by Kururi.

They have "Kiev Dinner Set" and "Frozen Pyro-Shiki Set" from the Russian restaurant "Kiev".

"Honke Owariya's' Onpaku Market Limited Design Soba Karinto Black Shichimi (buckwheat confectionery with black chili peppers)".

"ONPAKU Gold (Jurakudai)" and "ONPAKU Blue (an ancient capital)" by "Sasaki Shuzo (Sake brewing)".

We can purchase special products of "Kyoto Onpaku 2021" at online shops.

Why don't you order products carefully selected by Kururi and enjoy the taste of Kyoto at home?

In addition, a crowdfunding campaign for the construction of Umekoji koen Park and donations to Kyoto City has started.

How about pay attention to efforts that value support and connections to overcome the lingering coronavirus crisis?

When you are able to go out, please visit each shop in Kyoto, too.

"Kyoto Ongaku Hakurankai 2021" tickets are now on sale!


Currently, "LIVE streaming viewing tickets" for "Kyoto Music Expo 2021" are on sale with good reviews.

In addition to advance tickets (3,500 yen), you can also buy tickets for today's performance and those that you missed (4,000 yen each).

Why don't you have break time and jump into the world of kurururi music in autumn night?

"Onpaku Goods" will also be sold at the Kururi Online Store.

"Oversized T-shirts" and "Foldable cotton eco bags" are on sale.

If we get a T-shirt before the LIVE streaming viewing, wear it and watch it, we will feel more excited!

Please check the official website of "Kyoto Ongaku Hakurankai 2021" for details.

Kyoto Ongaku Hakurankai 2021
Delivery date: Saturday, October 2, 2021 Open 19 o'clock/Start 19:30
*The missed broadcast will be until 23:59 on Monday, October 11, 2021.

Live distribution tickets: Advance sale 3,500 yen/On the day: 4,000 yen
*Missed viewing ticket costs 4,000 yen

Performer: Kururi (Mr. Shigeru Kishida, Mr. Masashi Sato)

Official Website of Kyoto Ongaku Hakurankai 2021

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