Autumn 2021 Exhibition 'Autumn pictures and Bridal Furnishings Exhibition'

We introduce a hidden museum where we can watch the life of wealthy merchants in Edo period.

The Rakuto Ihokan in Kawabata Gojo, Kyoto was opened in 1974 based on Kashiwaya, which was founded in the Edo period.

Bridal furniture, paintings, tea utensils and other items handed down in the Kashiwabara family from the Edo period are preserved.

The special exhibition held in spring and autumn gives you an opportunity to see many precious relics.

The Kashiwa family is said to have originated with Goemon Kashiwabara, a vassal of Kiyomasa Kato in Higo (Kumamoto Prefecture).

During the Kanei era (1645) during the Edo period, the founder Sanemon lived in his current residence.

It started with the trading of Kyo komamono (Kyoto made goods) and Sensu (folding fans), and gradually expanded its business and trading area.

They are the "Edo Store Jikyo Shonin" which they founded until they opened cotton, lacquer ware and paper shops in Edo, Tokyo.

If you think of the central part of Kyoto, most of the buildings were destroyed by fires such as the Great Fire of Genji at the end of the Edo period.

Among them, it is a precious historical building in Kyoto, which escaped many fires and has been preserved in the appearance of the time.

Autumn 2021 Exhibition 'Autumn pictures and Bridal Furnishings Exhibition' is being held until November 3.

On display are autumn motif paintings and wedding furnishings.

There are 16 hanging scrolls of 'autumn leaves' 'chrysanthemum' 'landscape' 'deer' and 'moon' mainly of 'folding screen with paintings of flowers and carts'.

In addition, 13 "Ukiyo-e" pictures woodblock prints depicting the autumn scenery of Edo (Tokyo) are on display.

The wedding furnishings of the time such as comb box, comb, eyebrow making box and brush, shell bucket and awase shell are must-see.


The Rakuto Ihokan Museum is located on the street one street east of Kawabata-dori Street, just a few steps from Gojo-ohashi Bridge.

Shuro (palm) trees stand along the wall on Kawabata-dori Street side.

This palm leaves-tree is said to have been often planted in the residence of a famous family in the Edo period.

We can watch the garden from the tatami room during the special opening period.

Rakuto Ihokan Museum
472 Nishitachibana-cho, 3-chome, Gojo-sagaru, Toiyamachi-dori, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
Three minutes on foot from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo Station

Autumn 2021 Exhibition 'Autumn pictures and Bridal Furnishings Exhibition'
The exhibition will be held from October 1 to November 3 from 10 to 16 o'clock (final admission).
*The museum is closed on Mondays (it is open on national holidays).
Admission fee: Adults 300 yen, University/High school students 200 yen, Junior high/Elementary school students 100 yen
*People who enters there wearing the "Kimono", admission is 100 yen.

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