"Citizen Exchange Festa" at Kyoto Botanical Garden

On November 3 (Wednesday/national holiday), Culture Day, the Kyoto Botanical Garden will hold a "Kyoto Prefecture Citizen Exchange Festa".

The theme of the project is "Aiming for Kyoto Prefecture to realize the dreams and hopes of each and every person in every region."

Why don't we enjoy various events while walking around the botanical garden colored in autumn?

It is nice that it opens for free on the day (However, there is a fee for visiting the greenhouse and parking.).

Every November, the Kyoto Botanical Garden holds the "Citizen Exchange Festa."

Under these circumstances, in 2021, outdoor interactive events will be held at a reduced scale.

Instead, it's powered up as a "hybrid online and real festival"!

Online, "Quiz & Janken Tournament" and other events will be held until Sunday, March 20, 2022.

In the real event, you can go to the "Performance Square" which is full of the Oshiba fabric in the botanical garden!

Circus and music stages and shows by Toei Kyoto Movie Studio are performed.

On Oshiba fabric, playground equipment designed for all children is available only at the festival.

All children can enjoy it together regardless of whether they have disabilities or not.

You can take a commemorative photo with a police car and a fire engine coming to the venue on the day.

Digest video will be uploaded online after the real event.

In addition, an event of Kyoto Botanical Garden will be held at the same time on the day.

At the "Kyo no Mura Zukuri Exchange Fair," producers from all over Kyoto Prefecture sell vegetables and processed goods.

There is also a sales event where products that can contribute to ethical consumption are lined up, starting with "Kyo no wa Ato products" (welfare work products).

We can also look forward to the sale of Seiei's fun lucky bags by the community hygiene industry association.

*All of them are for takeout only.

Please check the official website of "Citizen Exchange Festa" for details of the event.


The 'Nakaragi no Michi Road' runs along the Kyoto Botanical Garden to the Kitaoji-bashi Bridge and Kitayama-ohashi Bridge of the Kamo-gawa River.

Yae Benishidare Sakura in spring is famous, but the trees will be dyed red or yellow in the coming season.

Kyoto Botanical Garden holds' Autumn Leaves Light Up 'from Friday, November 13 to Sunday, December 5.

During the period, the park will be extended to 20 o'clock and the park will be illuminated at dusk.

Why don't you enjoy it with the autumn leaves of Kamogawa?

Kyoto Botanical Garden
Shimogamo Nakaragi-cho, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
A short walk from Subway Kitayama Station

Citizen Exchange Festa
Period: November 3 (national holiday, Thursday) 10 to 16 o'clock (botanical gardens open 9 to 17 o'clock)
Venue: Kyoto Botanical Garden
*The online version will be available from the end of the festival until Sunday, March 20, 2022.

Autumn Leaves Light Up
Period: Friday, November 13 to Sunday, December 5 10 to 20 o'clock (last entry until 19:30)
Venue: Kyoto Botanical Garden

Here is "Kyoto Botanical Garden "Kinoko Bunko"

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