Autumn Ancient Book Festival at a temple

The two weeks from October 27 every year are designated as Reading Week.

At this time, the "Autumn Ancient Book Festival" is held at Hyakumanben Chion-ji Temple.

From Sunday, October 31 to November 3 (national holiday, Wednesday), about 200,000 old books will be displayed and selled in the grounds.

The 'Autumn Secondhand Book Festival' is sponsored by the Kyoto Kosho Kenkyukai (Ancient books workshop).

It is one of the three major ancient book festivals in Kyoto, along with the Spring Ancient Book Fair and the Shimogamo Noryo Ancient Book Festival in summer.

This year marks the 45th anniversary and it is the oldest among the three ancient book festivals in Kyoto.

It has been said that discarded objects and tools become "Tsukumo-gami."

Various memorial services are held at temples and shrines to show gratitude for things and tools used for a long time.

The "Autumn Ancient Book Festival" at Hyakumanben Chion-ji Temple begins with a memorial service for old books on the first day in the temple grounds.

Due to the coronavirus, a memorial service was held this year with only the people involved in the event.

It is not burning books, but selling them again is the memorial service.

The best part of the ancient book festival is that we can encounter books that have been handed over to various people over time.

And when I come across a book that hasn't been read for a long time, I feel fated.


The annual children's book corner was also canceled this year.

There is a booth of a secondhand bookstore that makes a corner for children's books and picture books. Please check there.

I hope the book you picked up this fall will enrich your heart.

Hyakumanben Chion-ji Temple (Hyakumanben Chion-ji Temple)
103 Tanaka Monzen-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City (Higashioji-dori Imadegawa Agaru)
3 minutes from Hyakumanben, City bus stop

"Autumn Ancient Book Festival" runs from October 30 to November 3, (from 10 to 17 o'clock)

Here is for Kyoto Gyoen National Garden "Mori no Bunko"

Here is for Kyoto Botanical Garden "Kinoko Bunko"

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