"Horikawa Chashitsu (Tea room)" is appearing on Horikawa Promenade!

The last time, we introduced a building called "Kao-no-Ie (Face House)".

The building we are going to introduce this time is "Horikawa Chasitsu (Tea room)" that appears in the Horikawa Promenade for only 3 days this weekend.

A special autumn feature of Horikawa that can be seen every year during the "Kenko-sai Festival", the school festival of Kyoto Architectural College.

This year marks 13 years since "Horikawa Tea room" was built as a graduation project.

If you look closely, you can see that scaffolding is set up on the river and pillars are made as the foundation!

During the period, students of the tea club will welcome you with thin tea.

The Kyoto Architectural School is located near the Horikawa Promenade where the Tea room is located.

It was established in 1951 by the Carpenters' Association of Kyoto for the purpose of educating children.

It is said that this is the only school in Japan established by an architecture industry group.

The rice straw used for the thatched roof of the Tea room was harvested by students who went to Keihoku area.

Under the direction of a thatching craftsman, they weaved straw, assembled wood and painted mud walls.

Why don't you experience the goodness of Kayabuki, which has excellent breathability, heat retention and quick-drying properties in the tea room?

It will be lit up after dark, so we can have tea in a fantastic space.


Horikawa Promenade leads along Horikawa from Motoseiganji-dori Street in the north to Oshikoji-dori Street in the south.

It is also known as the site of the Horikawa Cherry Blossom Festival and Kyoto's Tanabata Festival.

Kyoto Architectural School's school festival is held on Friday, November 5, 6th and 7th.

Please take all possible measures against infectious diseases such as wearing a mask and disinfecting your fingers.

Kenko-sai Festival 2021
Period: November 5 and 6th : 12 to 19 o'clock , 7th : 12 to 15 o'clock
Place: Horikawa Chashitsu (Horikawa-dori Street, under the Marutamachi-bashi Bridge)
Access: A short walk from Horikawa Marutamachi, City bus stop

Here is for "Face Exhibition is being held at the Face House".

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