Riding Report: Illumination of the SaganoTram Train "Light Fantasy Train"

The Sagano Tram Train is a sightseeing train that runs through the Hozu Valley. The trees are illuminated every year during the autumn leaves season. In 2021, the area along the line will be illuminated and illuminated under the name of "Illusion Train of Light." The best time to see it is late in 11 and it will be until December 29.

For this year's event, the crowdfunded event will be used to expand the number of locations and illuminations, which will be even more powerful than usual. This time I actually got on the train, so I will deliver it to you.


A tram ride that runs for about 7.3 km between Saga Torokko Station and Kameoka Torokko Station, while enjoying the magnificent scenery along the Hozu-gawa River. First, you go to Torokko Saga Station which is the first and last station. This time, I will be riding on the 5th car, the Rich. The retro design of the body makes me excited. It takes 25 minutes one way and about 1 hour round trip by train.

As the train starts to run, it is engulfed by a pleasant rumbling sound and a cool autumn night breeze. Car 5 and Rich have no windows, so you can feel the nature of Hozugawa directly. Looking closely at the autumn leaves in the dark, it soothes the mind. The ceiling is also transparent, so you can enjoy the overhanging autumn leaves from below.

Here are some of the highlights of traveling by train. Around the viewing spot, it runs at a slow speed and sometimes stops for service.


After departing from Saga Torokko Station for a while, there are about 70 autumn leaves crowded in a section of about 200 m on the river side before Hozugawa Bridge. You will be fascinated by the mysterious world with beautiful trees and lighting. In late autumn, the trees that turn bright red are very beautiful.


When we arrive at Torokko Hozukyo Station, the bell rings and the illumination lights up at the same time as the conductor signals! Both sides of the station are decorated with colorful lights, including a retro station building and cute raccoon dog ornaments.


The old platform on the mountain side is decorated with lights and has a romantic atmosphere. The illumination at Hozukyo Station was the first of its kind this year, and was set up by all employees.


This place is called 'Tono-no-Ryoba' (fishing ground of the palace) and it is said that Mitsuhide AKECHI went fishing from Kameoka-jo Castle. This place between Torokko Hozukyo Station and Torokko Kameoka Station used to be dark at night until last year, but a light was installed on the opposite shore this year. On the other side of the large river in the Hozu valley, you can see a dynamic view of the autumnal leaves that appear magically. The "upside-down autumn leaves" reflected on the water surface is a must-see.

This time, I actually rode the Sagano Torokko tram light-up and introduced the highlights. There are many other scenic spots, so please take a ride. The autumn leaves season from late November to early December is especially popular, so I recommend you to buy advance tickets.

Sagano Tram Train "The Light Fantasy Train

Lighting period: Friday, October 15, 2021 to Wednesday, December 29

*Suspended: December 8, 15th, 22nd

※ Illumination decoration is scheduled after November 1

Lighting Time: From 16: 30 to the last train

Ticket sales locations: "e 5489," an Internet reservation service provided by JR West, "Midori-no-madoguchi" at JR West stations (part of Keihanshin), and major travel agencies throughout Japan.

*The ticket window for each station of the trolley train (except for Hozukyo Torokko Station) is only available on the day of the performance.

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