Enjoy walking around "Daitoku-ji Temple" wearing a kimono

There is an event called the "Hatsu Kama" at Daitoku-ji on January 28th, perfect for those who enjoy tea, for those who like kimono, as well as for those who like temples.

Tea ceremonies are held at Zuiho-in and Juko-in sub-temples at Daitokuji.

Although the sub-temples are usually not open to the public, the 28th of every month is special.

You can participate by looking for the tag that reads "在釜"(Zaifu) and paying an entrance fee.

While it is not required to wear Japanese traditional clothing, as long as it is formal it is ok.

But wearing a kimono is also nice for a change in feeling.

Since you are already wearing a kimono, why not enjoy a stroll around the grounds of Daitokuji.

There are many things to do, such as eating lunch at "Daitoku-ji Ikkyū", or buy accessories and souvenirs at the "Oharibako" store.

At Oharibako, you can experience making a flower box through Tsumami craft.

The building of the store is a traditional Kyoto townhouse with a wonderful atmosphere that will make you appreciate the fact that you are wearing a kimono.

For more information on the experience at Oharibako

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