The Ikebana transmitted by the young kadō headmasters

Ryuho Sasaoka is the third headmaster of the Mishōryū-Sasaoka Ikebana School, and in the past appeared also in some cultural television programs in Kyoto.

Mr. Sasaoka is spreading the ikebana culture both domestically and outside Japanese borders, cooperating with many young Sōke and next generation Iemoto (Schools Headmasters) and creating a team, called "Kyoto Hanatsutsumi study group".

With this team, Mr. Sasaoka has already begun to resurrect the old style of Ikebana, as it was first documented in the Edo Period, when it was exactly called "Hana Tsutsumi".

Hana Tsutsumi is an old spectacular Ikebana art that combines the seasonal flowers and the washi (Japanese paper) which is adjusted in its shape and colors depending on the flowers that are being used.

It is an art perfect for expressing the feelings of gratitude and celebration, and for this reason it will be used in the Kyoto Marathon on February 17.

To celebrate his/her victory, the Mayor of Kyoto will give to the Marathon winner a big award, consisting in a Hana Tsutsumi composition.

It will be such a scene that harmonizes both the tradition and the modernness of Kyoto, so if you have the chance please come and take a look at.

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