'Kyoto Chishin' ・Cherry blossoms experience in spring ① Hidden cherry blossoms spot! A course in Haradani to fully enjoy Sakura.

The north area from Naka-ji Temple and Kinkakuji, is called Haradani and is an unknown cherry blossoms spot.

The Kyoto restaurant "Shozankaku MATSUYAMA" has a large courtyard built along the mountain, and the Haradani Garden, which can be described as "Jungle of a weeping cherry trees", is a place worth visiting.Enjoy lunch at the "Shozankaku MATSUYAMA" restaurant with the cherry blossoms outside the window, and after the meal we recommend you to take a walk in Haradani Garden.

There is also a workshop of KyoYuzen craftsman Mr. Masashige Uenaka in the immediate vicinity of Haradanien, where you can easily join a hand-painted Yuzen experience.

The spring experience course will also be held for a limited time starting March 1st to April 15th, so please check it out.

Complete an artwork and keep it as a lovely memory of your Cherry blossom sightseeing in Haradani.

Information about the experience is here

"Shozankaku MATSUYAMA"
20 Narutakiudanotani Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi
7 minutes on foot from "Haradani" city bus stop

Haradani Garden
36 Inui-cho, Okitayamaharadani, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi
2 minutes on foot from "Haradani" city bus stop
※10 minutes by taxi from "Kitaoji" Subway Station

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