A cooking video that can be enjoyed at home by 5 cooks that Kyoto is proud of is now open to the public

Kyoto Prefecture also decided to lift the emergency declaration based on the new coronavirus special measures law.

However, they are still required to refrain from moving across prefectures.

Kyoto City Tourist Association is developing "Stay Home Feel Kyoto Campaign" on its official website.

The distribution of a cooking video by 5 cooks who are proud of Kyoto has started on the video site "YouTube".

Why don't you watch a video at home this weekend and cook something authentic and put it on the table?

Through the screen, you may feel like becoming a chef's apprentice.

When the day comes when I can go out without hesitation, I would like to visit each shop.

You can see the videos below.

"Nanzen-ji Temple Sando Kikusui" The head chef Mr. Hideki OHITSU "Tofu Hijiki Hamburg Steak" is here.

"Hyotei" the 15th family head, Mr. Yoshihiro Takahashi "Freeze-dried tofu, butterbur, and pea with egg." is here.

"Isshi Soden Kyo no Aji Nakamura" The owner Motoki Nakamura "Steamed salmon and spring vegetables" (2 servings) is here.

"Kyoto Cuisine Naoatrial Saishi" The owner, Mitsuru Saiki "Chicken with sweet vinegar sauce spring style" (For 4 servings) is here.

"Kyoto Cuisine Kinobu" the shop keeper , Takuji Takahashi "Matcha souffle cake" (10 cm diameter, for 2 pieces) is here.

In addition to the above cooking videos, you can enjoy a variety of content at home.

The Kyoto City Tourist Association "Stay Home Feel Kyoto Campaign" is here.

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