Have new Kyoto Experiences at Ninna-ji Temple, a World Heritage Site

Why don't you experience a new kind of sightseeing in Kyoto this summer?

Shingon sect Omuro school "Sohonzan: Ninna-ji Temple" founded in 880.

A new experience tour that avoids "3 mitsu (Closed, dense and close)" and introduces culture and history is attracting attention.

During the exhibition, a restored folding screen of the wall painting (The front and side wall of the Shumidan are Kannon statues.) of Kannon-do Hall is displayed.

You can experience the world of Kannondo in "VR (virtual reality)".

In addition to a reservation system for a small number of people, there is plenty of space available at the venue, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

Let's go through VR to the world of ultra-coloured Buddhist paintings that were painted about 370 years ago.

The viewing time of "Ninnaji VR" is about 13 minutes (It takes about 30 minutes including the preparation.).

This is a limited time special plan from June 19, 2020 to July 31.

仁和寺_リサイズ済2.jpgThey also hold "World Heritage Ninnaji Special Private Tour".

You can see Kusho Myojin, which has a national treasure Kondo, Kyozo (scripture storehouse) with national writings, a five-storied pagoda, the first story inside, and the main shrine with national writings.

The fact that there are only cultural properties that are not usually open to the public seems to enhance the special feeling.

Each group is guided by the monks of Ninna-ji Temple, so you can truly appreciate it in a private space.

This plan is available from June 19 to September 30, 2020 (It takes about 2 hours.).

Please check the official website of Ninnaji for details.

On the official website, there are online tours you can enjoy at home.

Ninna-ji Temple Official Website

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