BLOGLiterary Calendar2018.11.02

Refined "Kyokusui-no-en (a winding stream party)" at Jonan-gu

People dressed in Costumes from Heian period improvise tanka poems on the bank of the meandering stream ... Have you ever seen such a scene on TV?

"Kyokusui-no-en (a winding stream party)" is held in Jonan-gu on November 3 every year.

It is a reproduction of poetry-composition events held in the imperial court during the Nara and Heian Period, the poets improvise tanka poems in accordance with the theme and drink a flowing sacred sake.

Don't you think making tanka poems inspired by seasonal beauty is similar to us posting or tagging on social media?

It is a festival that makes people from the Heian Period feel more familiar.

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