BLOGLiterary Calendar2018.12.04

Unwind yourself at Senbon Shoukadou's "Daiko-Daki" Event

When we talk about the tradition of the cold season, the "Daiko-Daki" event is one of which that is held at the Senbon Shoukadou on the 7th and 8th of December.

Just as the words indicate, it is a ceremony in which radishes are boiled and it is also often associated with the commemoration of the day Buddha became enlightened.

This ceremony of boiling the radishes which is accompanied with prayers of health is a unique event, as such practice is rare in other prefectures.

Seeing radishes boiled in a big pot with many people present is not something that we often get to experience in our daily lives.

Though it is a traditional event, the feeling it brings about in people is one that is new and refreshing.

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