BLOGLiterary Calendar2018.12.19

Toji-Temple's "Shimai-Koubou" Ceremony is enjoyable

Though there are other varieties of this ceremony, the most famous one would be Toji-Temple's "Koubou Ichi".

It is organized on the 21st of every month, to commemorate the death of the buddhist monk, Kukai.

Street stalls selling daily commodities and antiques can be seen.

The "Koubou Ichi" organized on the 21st of December is also known as the "Shimai Koubou", and is exceptionally crowded.

While you are looking at the various zodiac statues and Japanese new year decorations, you will soon realize you already have a handful of items.

Toji-temple seems to be a place that allows embracing such material desires with a laugh.

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