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Koto Hajime at "Kitano Tenmangu Shrine"

Have you heard of the term Koto Hajime?

It is a tradition kept from the old streets of Kyoto, in areas such as Hanamichi or Nishijin, signifying the preparation for New Year's from the 13th of December.

At "Kitano Tenmangu Shrine", plums that are harvested within the grounds of the shrine are used to make "Daifuku Ume (Big Fortune Plums)", that are then given out.

They are consumed with tea on the morning of New Year's day and are known to be lucky charms that bring good health for the year.

Within the grounds of the shrine, a popular set known as the "Koto Hajime Set" can also be found.

When you are not sure of how to start preparing for New Year's, you might want to start with this set.

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