BLOGLiterary Calendar2019.01.07

The "Ten-Day Ebisu Festival" at the Kyoto Ebisu Shrine

If you are talking of the events from January 8th to 12th, it has got to be the "Ten-Day Ebisu Festival" at the Kyoto Ebisu Shrine.

For residents like us living in Kyoto, we visit the shrine to pray for prosperous business and good luck for our families.

After worshiping at the shrine, we receive a lucky bamboo leaf at the local office, and it is really fun to pick the lucky decorations for the bamboo leaf.

You will place lucky bear paws, lucky sea breams, treasure boats, lucky coins and many more items together, with the shrine-maiden helping you put on your item of choice.

Listening to the people's shout of "Bring the Bamboo for luck in business" echoing in the precincts, I am thrilled for the beginning of a new year.

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